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Lifelong Medical Care – California’s Health Care Leader

Lifelong Medical Care

Lifelong medical care is a trailblazer in health care. The facility offers a wide variety of services in the state of California that is second to none. Lifelong medical care practices a holistic approach to health which includes social services. What makes this health facility so special, is that it has several centers all across California so where ever you are you can access the service you need. Let’s explore exactly what can be accessed at various locations.

Lifelong Medical Care services

Lifelong Medical Care Broadly speaking, we can categorize the services into the following categories:

– General Health Care

– Dental Care

– Social Programs.

General health care is available for everyone, regardless of age or ability to pay. Lifelong medical care has made it a policy that no one is denied treatment, as such when you enter a center you have access to primary health care, prenatal care, postnatal care, pediatrics, adult and geriatric medicine. Each center is also equipped to handle chronic disease management and emergency services.

You can also get all of your dental work done at Lifelong medical care centers. These include check-ups, fillings, extractions and denture fittings.

Lifelong medical care is also concerned about the social issues within California and as such, they have introduced services that tackle the problems that some people face head-on. One of the programs that they are particularly proud of is the Supportive Housing Program. This program was specifically created to assist homeless adults. A multi-pronged approach is used that includes outreach, aggressive case management, subsidized housing, mental health care, and substance abuse services. This program is a demonstration of exactly how Lifelong medical care feels about the California community. Their social programs do not stop there. They also have Americorps ( career building) and Senior Network and Activity Program (SNAP).

Location of centers

There are many centers that people can access depending on their location and what kind of care they need. You can access centers in Berkeley, San Pablo, Richmond, Oakland and Rodeo to name a few. Centers may offer particular services like dental care or primary care, so it may help to call ahead to make sure that you are going to the right-center.

Lifelong medical care has established itself as a leader in health. They go beyond the call and ensure that no one is left without the treatment they need. A true representation of what health care is supposed to be.

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