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Relieve earache after wisdom tooth extraction

feeling earache after wisdom tooth extraction

Experiencing pain after any type of surgery is normal. Headache, sore throat and earache after wisdom tooth extraction are all temporary effects of the surgery. Read more on this article about what to expect after removing a wisdom tooth.


What to expect after a wisdom tooth extraction

After a wisdom tooth extraction is performed, it is normal for you to experience pain. Since a wisdom tooth is considered to be a serious surgical operation, post-surgical care must be taken seriously to prevent any infection. Please visit OakleighSmiles.com.au for more tips on how to prepare for a surgical treatment for your wisdom tooth.

The pain that you would be feeling would be the result of muscles that would be stiff and swollen as a result of the surgery. It is not uncommon for a person recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction to also experience stiffness in their jaws and pain while swallowing. All of these effects will subside after a few days.


How to relieve earache after wisdom tooth extraction

Let us first talk about what causes the earache in the first place. Keep in mind that all of the components in the human head are linked, so when one part would be touched, it would affect the rest of the head. The removal of a wisdom tooth can cause swelling in the jaws and all the other muscles inside the mouth. All of this swelling is bound to put pressure on other parts of the head, more particularly on the ears. The pressure is what causes the pain inside the ears. Your head is a very specific size, that is designed to keep everything in place comfortably. But when there is swelling or pressure inside any part of the head, it would be normal to feel a little pain and discomfort. Over-the-counter medication can be bought to help relieve some of the pain you feel as a result of the swelling. Ibuprofen can help you lower your fever, if you have one, as well as to minimize the discomfort from the swelling.


After your surgery, you may feel very intense pain in your ears, but then do not worry, this pain will subside as each day passes. After a few days, you relieve earache after wisdom tooth extractionshould be feeling better. However, if the pain does not reduce significantly with the passage of time, that might be a sign of infection. It would be a good idea to call your dentist in Chatswood, NSW at this point. Good oral hygiene is the key to preventing all kinds of infections from occurring in the mouth, and your dentist will give you a list of instructions for you to follow. As long as you can keep your mouth clean, and avoid getting food into the surgical site, there is little chance of an infection to grow.


Remember that all cases are unique, and what might have happened to a friend of yours may not happen exactly the same way as you. The best person to ask when you have questions related to your ear pain would be your dentist. The bottom line is that earache after wisdom tooth extraction is normal, and you should not worry about it if you are following your DDSS Dentist Sydney CBD dental specialist’s instructions to the tee.


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