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Possibilities Of Paresthesia After Wisdom Tooth Removal

paresthesia after wisdom tooth removal

Numbness happens when our nerves are not responsive to signals coming from our brains. With that fact, this numbness can be felt anywhere and not just on one part of the body. You might be familiar with terms like your leg falling asleep, or a feeling of an itch that you can’t scratch. All of these symptoms point out possible nerve damage or problem. Paresthesia, another form of numbness, is connected to dental sensations.  If you are worried about the possibilities of having paresthesia after your wisdom tooth removal surgery, consult your nearest dentist upon any symptoms.


What Is Paresthesia?

For the purpose of clarification, Paresthesia is a rare condition. Conditions like this happen when there are abnormal reactions from our bodies. Usually felt like electric shocks, these are brief tingling pain felt near the scalp and elbow. Tweaked nerves in the neck can cause the sensations to be felt on the spinal cord. Most older people feel this sensation as the neurons in their bodies start to dwindle. The reaction time of the nerves is definitely slowing down and their bodies are not able to have that previous mobility. The other type of Paresthesia can be caused by other illnesses in the body that contribute to the numbness. The poor circulation of neurons on the body causes vast effects that result in Paresthesia.

Causes Of Paresthesia After Wisdom Tooth Removalparesthesia after wisdom tooth removal

Having Paresthesia after your wisdom tooth removal is not an easy issue to deal with. It can affect your body in other ways. This also leads to another form of complication that we need to be alerted. Know more about the symptoms and causes of this particular condition brought to you by https://www.daptodentists.com.au/oak-flats/. This will definitely be handy the next time you need to jot down information whenever that tingling sensation happens again.

  1. Having multiple sclerosis can be definitely one of the possible causes for feeling this. Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system that sends the wrong signals by the immune system to our body. Thus, our body will react abnormally due to the attack.
  2. Infections on Gums and Teeth also attack our nervous system since there’s a huge network of nerves included in the gums. Daily dental care goes a long way if it is managed properly.
  3. Diabetes is also seen as one of the main reasons for the blockage of nerves. The disease spreads out to the legs, arms, and abdomen. Your high blood sugar is highly affecting the correct responses of the nerves.
  4. Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when there is repetitive or stagnant immobility of the hands due to computer use, sports activities, or other hobbies related to the wrists. Physical treatment can be done to give temporary relief to this issue.

Treatments That Can Be Done

There is actually a wide range of causes that needs to be pointed out before treating Paresthesia after wisdom tooth removal. Since you may have done this surgery with your reliable dentist, it is best to inform him or her about it. Referrals are given throughout the consultation period. Be sure that you have given all the symptoms and information needed to categorize and separate the illnesses from each other. Physical examinations are conducted including X-rays and certain mobility tests. Treatments also include magnetic resonance image scan (MRI) or blood tests. Inform the Beyond Infinity Dental team in Castle Hill about the symptoms to have the correct diagnosis in this situation.

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