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Is there an expiration date: how long do breast implants last?

how long do breast implants last

Many women opt to get breast implants to feel more confident and more beautiful. However, how long do breast implants last? Would you need to replace them at some point? At the rhinoplastyperthcost blog read about cosmetic surgery revisions and failures.


What is breast implant surgery?

This type of surgery is done to enhance the shape, size, and appearance of breasts. They could be done for a variety of reasons. They could be to make a woman feel better about herself or they could be done to make breasts look more even. 

When breasts are made to look bigger, this procedure is called a breast augmentation surgery. This is cosmetic surgery, but it is also a big decision that should not be made on a whim. Many things may go wrong with the surgery, and you may not be happy with the results. As with any type of surgical procedure, whether cosmetic or not, there would always be some risks.


How long do breast implants last?

People say that you would need another breast implant surgery after 10 years. However, that is not always true. This is a common misconception that breast implants have to be changed after 10 years.

There is no exact expiration date for breast implants, but on the other hand, they also do not last forever. This is why you have to choose your surgeon well.


Reasons why breast implants would need to be changed

If a breast implant ruptures. These implants would usually be very durable and strong. They can last for many years without having any problems. The usual reasons why breast implants would rupture would be because of the accidental insertion of a needle during a biopsy procedure if the person was in a car accident or just simple aging of the implant.

how long do breast implants last

If the implants do not look good anymore. If there is a visual change in the way an implant would look, and the person would no longer be satisfied with the way their breasts look, they can go to their doctor to have them changed. 

If there is any pain present. If you feel any sort of pain in your implant, it would be a wise idea to contact your surgeon. Pain is usually a sign of infection. There may be something wrong with the implant and your doctor will be the most informed person who will be able to check if there is anything wrong with your implants.


When to visit your cosmetic surgeon again

If you do not feel any pain or discomfort in your breasts, it would mean that your implants would still be fine, and they would not need to be changed yet. However, if you have any qualms and are worried about needing to get your breast implants needing to be changed, it would be a good idea to talk to Dr Breast Implants Sydney. They will be able to check your implants and tell you if they are in a healthy state or if they would be needing replacement.


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