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Teardrop Breast Implants: Say Hello To Perfect Breast Shape

teardrop breast implants say hello to perfect breast shape

Decades of enhancing a person’s body helped improve their lifestyle and appearances. As demands for better and more natural-looking cosmetic surgeries rose, research for better materials and design also developed. Reasons for getting a breast enhancement simply requires cosmetic surgeons to make it safe and healthy for them. No one predicted it, but gummy bears are now coined for the breast implant category. Not your ordinary flavored candies, gummy bears, also known as teardrop breast implants give breasts a firmer, more aesthetically-pleasing look. Are you curious to try teardrop breast implants for your next breast enhancement? Check if you are a great candidate for the surgery.


What Are Teardrop Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation or implants is the process of making the breasts larger in size. Different types of breast implants vary from saline, silicone, smooth surface, textured, round or teardrop. It is common for plastic surgeons to use round-shaped implants that are seen as smooth or textured in their material. Comparatively, a round breast implant is mostly recommended to achieve fuller cleavage and make it fully emphasized. On the other hand, teardrop breast implants changed breast shapes for a more natural-looking than other types of breast plants. These breast implants consist of cohesive silicone gel that helps preserve your breast’s overall natural look.


Choosing The Right Option For Your Body

teardrop breast implants advantages and disadvantages

Without a doubt, it is important to choose the right breast enhancement for your body. Now that there are limitless choices for you to consider, try checking out what your body is able to adapt with. Specifically, smaller breasts or saggy breasts with less tissue and fat needs these anatomical or teardrop breast implants. How will you choose between the many options? You will need a consultation with the right and legitimate cosmetic surgery clinic or hospital near you. In addition, there are some cases where breast implants might be risky or complicated for you. Breast implants are considered safe as long as it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of your local country or worldwide authority such as from the US.


Pros and Cons of Gummy Bear (Teardrop) Breast Implants


  1. aesthetically more natural-looking
  2. firmer and more sturdy
  3. cohesive silicone gel-based
  4. does not wrinkle


  1. requires a larger surgery incision
  2. potential for the implant to rotate
  3. too firm for some patients
  4. needs stable body weight

Preparing for a Breast Implant Surgery

With most surgeries, you need to prepare physically for your body to heal properly after the breast surgery procedure. Not to mention, your body will undergo major stress and cuts so help yourself avoid complications by getting a doctor’s consultation first. Your cosmetic surgeon needs a full diagnosis of how your body will cope with the surgery procedure. In most surgery cases for today’s world, success stories are evident. However, online research and even professional precaution for patients is a must. Check tips for any risks of failures or infections in your next surgery. Ask your local cosmetic surgeon for the latest surgery advancements, plans, and advice for your desired breast enhancement.

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