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4 Popular Over The Counter Pain Meds And How To Choose Them

4 Popular Over The Counter Pain Meds And How To Choose Them

A healthy body requires all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to ensure that the immune system is functioning correctly. However, any sign or symptom of pain can indicate that the body is undergoing health-related concerns. Nowadays, anyone can buy over the counter pain meds easily. Yet, there are many precautions when taking drugs like painkillers. Accordingly, the team of Bright Dental Group suggests over the counter painkillers should have proper dosage and consumption. Overdose of vitamins, drugs, and painkillers can have side effects like nausea or lethargies. Consumers can ask any pharmacist or drug store staff to know what are the safety precautions when taking a specific OTC pain reliever.


Diagnosing Pain At Home 

How do you know if your migraine is already a severe problem? Symptoms can vary for any health-related issue. However, recurring pain such as toothaches even at night may need an emergency or after-hours dentist. According to scientists, a sharp, tingling problem is detected by nerves that pass the signal from the brain towards the other body parts. Most children experience pain related to oral hygiene, while most adults have growing pains. If a person neglects their pain over time, it may result in chronic pain such as backaches, migraines, and even heart problems. 


What Are Over The Counter Pain Meds Benefits?

There are many benefits of buying pain relievers even this year of 2020. Even dogs can benefit from anti inflammatory medicine. Apart from receiving prescription medicine from your doctor, you can also buy over the counter pain meds. These drugs are relatively cheap but have high quality to lessen pain from fever, toothaches, menstrual periods, and other pain problems. Athletes benefit from taking over the counter pain meds as they usually stretch their muscles and experience fatigue faster. However, combining medicines can have risks, particularly for those having chronic diseases like diabetes or cancer. It is best recommended for anyone to have anti inflammatory drugs and anti bacterial medications that fit best for their health condition. 


Can OTC Pain Relievers Vary? 

Over The Counter Pain Meds

In familiar terms, pain relievers are also called analgesics. This category of medicine aims to relieve pain, side effects, and other pain-related issues. However, there can be variations when it comes to painkillers. As mentioned earlier, there are pain medications for dogs, which is an advancement in medication technology. For humans, there are many earlier versions of common OTC pain medications. Before, people only had access to opioids, a narcotic drug that was seen to be not safe due to its harmful effects in the body. Updated prescription medication such as NSAIDs includes better substances with less medical issues.  


4 Popular Over The Counter Pain Meds

Usually, people will prefer buying an OTC Pain reliever such as an NSAID (Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug) as it works fast for pain relief. Yet, not all people can take OTC pain medicine. Pregnant women, chronic patients, and children should have professional advice from a home doctor first. How will you know how to choose pain medications? 



Taking Acetaminophen is useful for people experiencing fever, headaches, and general pain. However, this drug doesn’t have any effect on people with swelling pain. Usually, Acetaminophen is taken as a combination drug. It is also beneficial for more prolonged use. Popular brands include Tylenol, Paracetamol, and Panadol which everyone can buy at a cheaper price in pharmacies. Adults are not to take more than 3000 mg every day to avoid liver complications. Harmful effects of Acetaminophen include sore throat, itching, tiredness, pain in the abdomen, or decrease in urine. 



Ibuprofen is popularly known as brands like Advil, Motrin, Ipu, and Iprin. These medications are best used as anti inflammation drugs and part of the NSAIDs group. Most people with muscle strain or swelling can take Ibuprofen on a 200-400mg per 6 hours. Issues like upset stomach, severe nausea, or mild indigestion are usually connected with these drugs. Doctors suggest that patients with kidney problems avoid this drug. 



Naproxen is similar to Ibuprofen that can aid toothache, neck pain, and other muscle problems. Conditions like inflammation (arthritis) and menstrual cramps may also benefit from this anti inflammatory drug. However, continued use can also have similar side effects like gastrointestinal issues, hypertension, and even miscarriage. 



Having constant headaches can be a problem, especially that common colds may require more extended treatment nowadays. However, Aspirin and Acetaminophen are combination medications. The two products relieve fever and pain from these health issues. However, aspirin is not always applicable to children. Aspirin is best for people with heart problems, minor aches, and other inflammation concerns. Yet, aspirin may also have huge risks such as bleeding since it is a salicylate. 


How To Choose Which Medicine Is For You

Updated prescription medications may vary, but the rule of thumb is to check its side effects. Medicines can also differ depending on what current disease or illness a person has. For example, a mental health doctor may be able to analyze and diagnose which medicines apply for people with anxiety or depression. Combining medications or prescription medicines without the advice of a professional can indeed lead to overdose and even fatal consequences. One of the best tips that we can suggest is to see the severity of your pain. If the toothache is frequently happening even at night, you may take the NSAIDs. However, proper brushing can even make the problem go away. For muscle cramps and other body pain, it may be best to know which activity may have triggered these issues before talking to an orthopedic. For pain related to your eyes you should consult an eye doctor as OTC for eye problems are not common.


Important Reminders When Buying OTC Pain Relief

Over The Counter Pain Meds Choosing

Doctors have definite instructions for any patients to avoid overdosage and complications in health. Moreover, you can check guidelines from health authorities such as your local Food And Drugs Administration or government health offices. Some of these policies and procedures are available online for review. You may also want to countercheck the effects of your current medicines. Here are some other reminders that you need to know when buying and taking over the counter pain medications and relievers.

  • Read the label of the products
  • Have a consultation with your doctor
  • Use an electronic device or ask someone to remind you
  • Avoid using an alternative prescription medication
  • Follow the right dosage
  • Pay close attention to your medication schedule
  • Don’t take excess medications
  • If you forgot, skip the medication for that day
  • Store medications in a safe place that children can’t reach

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