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Dental Appliance (Custom Mouth Guard) To Prevent Sports Injuries

Dental Appliance Custom Mouth Guard To Prevent Sports Injuries

Safety is a key factor in maintaining oral health care. Yet, injuries are unexpected events that anyone can experience. A child may be into recreational activities or physical sports like basketball or climbing. Hence, when accidents happen, it’s either two fractures that proceed; the mouth or the body. Both hospitals and dental offices can assist in giving treatments for mouth injuries during sports and prevent them by advising patients to wear mouth guards. Patients may also view their gallery for the before and after results. You can choose to equip yourself with a custom mouth guard or a boil and bite one to prevent the teeth being knocked out.


Statistics of Emergencies Related To Sports

Recent news about sport related injuries is growing in numbers. According to many news outlets, football, basketball, pedal cycling, soccer, and ice or roller skating are the top 5 sports activities that can lead to injury. Moreover, injuries also vary according to age. Pediatric dentists see a spike of children asking for custom mouth guard as many kids are into sports at a young age. Hence, many orthopedic, sports coaches, and physical therapists recommend that children and young adults engage in other activities. Over fatigue and recurring injury in a particular organ or body part may lessen the chance for the muscles or tissues to heal in the future altogether. 


How Do You Prevent Sports Injuries? 

Sports injuries can have immediate changes in a person’s physique and health conditions. Hence, it can be risky not to go to a hospital or clinic right after an emergency. Is it possible to prevent sports injuries just by mouth guards alone? It’s a yes or no situation, particularly for orthodontic appliances like mouth guards alone. Nevertheless, it may be the best protection against any blow or injury. An MMA wrestler or a boxing professional may need to wear necessary protective equipment to prevent the shock or impact of punches. Lastly, don’t forget to do warm ups to prepare your muscles, bones, and ligaments. Wear mouthguards to prevent your teeth from falling, and wear guards for knees, elbows, and other joints.


Is It Necessary To Wear A Custom Fit Mouth Guard?

Custom Mouth Guard From An Orthodontist

Dentists know that safety for a person’s dental hygiene doesn’t only involve brushing and flossing to avoid dental diseases. Accidents like tooth loss, cracked, and pulled teeth can happen inevitably. Thus, to prevent emergencies, can save a person’s life and can give protection. Additionally, wearing a custom mouth guard should put a person’s comfort while retaining quality its primary intention. Many DIY mouthguards lack in this area as they are one size mouth guards only. Before you buy a mouth guard, it can be best to read reviews from Amazon or other online shipping websites that you can order a mouth guard.


Where To Get Custom Mouth Guard

While it is true that mouth guard from an athletic shop or DIY custom guard kit is cheaper, a custom orthodontist mouthpiece is better. A general dentist may be the first person families can think of when it comes to dentistry equipment. A perfect designed mouthguard can also prevent the mouthguard from falling from a person’s tooth. Most dental clinics prepare an impression from their patient and send them to a lab for production. The process will take at least two weeks to finish before a patient can get their custom mouth guards. In this way, a fitted mouthguard isn’t hard to wear and comfortable according to the patient’s teeth and gum shape. 


Other Dental Diseases That Mouthguards Can Fix

Aside from the professional athletes and recreational purposes of mouthguards, the primary purpose revolves around treating pain in the teeth and gums. It is crucial to always prepare for any emergency. Particularly for parents and schools that handle active and fit children every day. In case of emergency, such as injury or accident, using a mouthguard may not be enough.  


  • Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Wearing custom mouth guards also stops a person with teeth grinding problem. Teeth grinding occurs either day or night. However, bruxism is more prominent during the night, where blood pressure rushes to the facial area. Late-night snacking and forgetting to brush the teeth also increases the growth of cavities and bacteria on teeth. Night mouth guards are separate from the regular mouthguards available for athletes. These are also custom mouth guards that you can request from an orthodontist or a periodontist.  You can contact Dental 266’s clinic in Burwood if you need help in this area.


  • Sleep Apnea (Snoring)

Where To Get Custom Mouth Guard

Apart from the standard custom mouth guards for grinding concerns, sleep apnea is another dental disease that involves a night mouth guard. It is essential to find the right mouthguard to fit for a person suffering from sleep apnea. A dentist or doctor of sleep medicine can aid in prescribing the right night guard. 


  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder 

TMJ disease or temporomandibular joint disorder is a jaw – related oral care problem that involves severe pain in the jawbones of a person. The causes of this disorder can range from accidents to severe periodontal infection. You may ask your oral and maxillofacial dentist for a custom mouth guard to fit and protect your health. On the other hand, a custom mouth guard protection may not be enough, and surgery is an option. 

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