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How To Know Which Sensitive Tooth Treatment Is Best For Me

How To Know Which Sensitive Tooth Treatment Is Best For Me

A dental clinic may offer several options for your dental problems. Among the usual treatments are tooth extraction, cleaning, braces, or cosmetic dentistry. Yet, the most common tooth problem revolves around having a sensitive tooth treatment. There are many suggestions that your dentist can mention. Top Health Dental’s clinic in Ryde suggests that the patient must deal with the hot and cold food temperatures that they usually eat and drink. In many cases, these factors, along with gum diseases or cavities, can increase tooth sensitivity. If you want to know a sensitive tooth treatment today, you must first discover the other aspects of sensitive teeth. 



Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity

The gum line can buildup bacteria from the various foods that people love to eat. From the multiple reasons for dental diseases, tooth sensitivity chances also increase. Individuals can instantly feel a sharp, tingling pain in their gums and teeth due to the cavities and tooth decay. According to dentists, other factors such as a loose filling, dry socket, or a chipped and cracked tooth. Here are other causes of tooth sensitivity that you might want to ask sensitive tooth treatment from the nearest clinic.


Gum Recession 

Exposed tooth roots can become a painful experience that leads to tooth sensitivity. What’s worse is that the problem may further develop into tooth decay. However, the minute you see any inflammation, redness, or swelling in the gums, it may be a symptom of gingivitis or any gum disease. The worst part of gum recession may lead to issues like an abscess in the root of teeth.


Excessive Brushing Or Flossing 

Sensitive Tooth Treatment Causes

What happens when you brush or floss too much? Any extra effort in cleaning the surface of the teeth can lead to abrasion. Eventually, your teeth may become sensitive as the enamel and dentin of the tooth become thin. It is crucial to practice proper brushing or flossing of teeth to prevent decay.


Hot Or Cold Food And Beverages

Maintenance of oral health care also emphasizes the need to monitor what we eat. In fact, extreme temperatures of hot or cold food and beverages can trigger the nerve in the gums and lead to sensitive teeth. It is important to check whether your meals are causing an increased cavity in your teeth.


Tooth Whitening

A worn out natural layer of teeth may be caused by tooth whitening. Hypersensitivity due to the materials included in a tooth whitening product may be dangerous. Particularly, a person that does DIY whitening may not be following the instructions on the box. Only get a whitening treatment from your trusted professional.


Teeth Grinding

People with bruxism or teeth grinding can gradually degrade the bones due to constant teeth friction. A person with grinding issues may eventually have chipped or cracked teeth as well as gums that are hard to be treated with dental products. If you know someone with this dental problem, a mouthguard or CPAP machine can decrease the chances of health complications.


Is There A Health Risk With Tooth Sensitivity?

Symptoms of sensitive teeth can range from clenching your jaws, poking your cheeks, or feeling a sharp sensation in the teeth. But, the side effects of having sensitive teeth may lead to many health problems. A child or even an adult may not be motivated to eat food due since chewing triggers the pain. Other issues in pregnancy, nerves, and even heart diseases may also develop a risk factor due to sensitive teeth. Moreover, an underlying effect of excess hygiene routines like whitening or using dental products may even speed up gingivitis or periodontitis. Anyone without the correct guidance of a dentist may miss some signs of periodontal diseases. 


Which Sensitive Tooth Treatment Is The Best? 

Frankly, any sensitive tooth treatment may be the best, as long as your certified dentist approves it. A tooth’s sensitivity may be caused by several reasons, as stated previously. So, if you’re looking for quick relief, you may have to ask for a solution from your local dental clinic.


Options To Choose From:


  • Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal Therapy)

If your dentist sees more than just a gum disease due to bacteria, it may be possible that the infection already started inside the tooth. A root canal treatment may be recommended after an X-ray result. Moreover, the endodontic treatment involves extracting the infected pulp and putting fillings in the canal. Endodontic treatment may not always be necessary for any patient. It would be best if you first had a consultation that assures your sensitive teeth causes may come from the infected tooth. Otherwise, you can look for other sensitive tooth treatment from a general dentist. 

  • Tooth Bonding

Bonding, such as using resin materials are effective in sealing the sensitive nerves of the tooth. It can decrease the recurrence of teeth pain with various materials to choose from. You may also look for other dental treatments similar to bonding if you prefer those as well. Some examples are veneers and dental fillings that may be better depending on the structure of your teeth. 

  • Using A Specific Toothpaste (Fluoride, Sensitive Toothpaste, etc.)

Sensitive Tooth Treatment Toothpaste

Products like toothpaste are well-designed by the dentistry experts to combat the painful experience of sensitive teeth. A sensitive tooth treatment such as a fluoride or potassium nitrate toothpaste can reverse the effects of sensitivity. Your dentist may also prescribe anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial medicine for your dental issue.

  • Home Remedies

Eventually, if you’re a person that may opt for remedies like essential oils, clove, tea tree, or other similar items, you may also try these alternatives. Although there is no dental or medical proof, many trusts the power of natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. In many ways, you can find the right care for your sensitive teeth. Be careful with reading online sites that claim therapeutic treatments are coming from home remedies. Some remedies may even have adverse complications with a person’s health.

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