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Contact Lenses Vs. Glasses: Which Is Better For Vision Correction?

A girl battling in selecting contact lenses vs. glasses

Contact lenses vs. glasses, which is highly preferable for vision correction? How will you determine which option to choose for your eye health concerns? This article can provide the answer to your questions. On the other hand, you have to consult a specialist for dry eyes to address the situation immediately. Your eyes are essential parts of yourself. For this reason, you have to care for them as well.


Contact lenses vs. glasses

In general, we are not entirely in control of what can happen to our vision. Regardless of how healthy our eyes can be, we can still experience changes to our vision from the previously 20/20 reading.

On the other hand, you can either choose contact lenses or glasses for vision correction. It will depend on your preference and to which you’ll be comfortable personally. Other factors you can consider during your selection are convenience, budget, aesthetics, and eye health.

Additionally, both contact lenses and eyeglasses have their advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss those as we go along with this article. It may help you with your decision-making process as well.

Now, let’s start differentiating contact lenses vs. glasses. We will begin with stating information about contact lenses.


Contact lenses

Nowadays, this alternative of eyeglasses become very popular. If you would check its development history, it had come a very long way before it reached its condition now. Furthermore, comfort and wearability keep improving as days continue passing by.

These lenses are thin discs, either plastic or glass, that can correct a person’s vision. However, there are cases that people are wearing contact lenses for fashion purposes only. In this case, let us proceed with the advantages and disadvantages of using contact lenses.



Here are some of the reasons why using contact lenses is a good choice.sample colored contact lenses

  • Contacts offer a broader view, with lesser vision distortions and obstructions, especially while playing sports or doing exercises.
  • These lenses do not cause issues or mismatch with any outfit you wear.
  • Additionally, you will not encounter your contact lenses to fog up during cold or rainy weather.
  • Furthermore, contact lenses also come in different colours. It is even available in variations with special effects.
  • There are also types of contact lenses that can help reshape the cornea while asleep to correct myopia.



Aside from advantages, you also have to consider the potential drawbacks of these items.

  • Contact lenses are more expensive compared to eyeglasses.
  • The application of contacts is not as easy as it seems. It requires proper technique and practice.
  • Furthermore, it can lead to dry eyes syndrome due to the decreased amount of oxygen.
  • Additionally, it is not preferable to wear contacts while using the computer. It can lead to computer vision syndrome.
  • Aside from that, using contact lenses will require you to follow proper lens care and lens case cleaning maintenance. You have to do this to avoid eye infections.
  • Moreover, if you are a good sleeper, you might have to consider wearing extended wear contact lenses. Falling asleep with the typical type of contacts can cause your eyes to become dry, gritty, red, and irritated as well.



Eyeglasses can either be single vision glasses or multifocal ones. They offer different corrections for your eyes’ vision. Previously, the lenses on eyeglasses use glass materials. However, through its continuous development, they are now using plastic materials.

Eventually, the production of eyeglasses has been tremendously different from the way it was before. Eyeglasses have shown changes in appearance and their function magnificently. Eyeglasses are also now a part of a person’s fashion statement.



Below are the benefits that wearing eyeglasses can provide you.

  • First and foremost, eyeglasses do not require touching your eyes. In effect, the risk of developing irritation and an eye infection is minimal.
  • Due to indirect contact with the eyes, eyeglasses will not add to the eyes’ dryness and sensitivity.
  • In terms of cost, eyeglasses are way cheaper than contact lenses.
  • Nowadays, the frames of eyeglasses shout out fashion statements and can also define your personality.
  • Furthermore, eyeglasses are more capable than contact lenses in protecting the eyes against environmental factors. It includes wind, dust, and debris.
  • For the most part, you can take your glasses on and off any time you want.



On the other hand, eyeglasses also have their opposing sides.new eyeglasses for vision correction

  • Due to its distance from the eyes, it can cause visual distortion.
  • Additionally, others don’t prefer wearing glasses because they can hide their facial features.
  • Furthermore, as the prescription increases, the thickness of the lenses increases as well. It can look unappealing and may cause changes in how your eyes look as well while wearing them.
  • During the cold or rainy season, eyeglasses usually fog up, which lead to obstruction or blurriness of the lenses.
  • Moreover, some frames cause headaches and general discomfort because of their pressure on the nose and behind the ears.


Eye health

An excellent vision is not permanent. For this reason, we should never take the health of our eyes for granted. Contact lenses vs. glasses are both ideals for vision correction. However, wouldn’t it be better to keep the eyes in a healthy condition?

Generally speaking, a healthy vision helps us perform better in our daily activities. With this in mind, we should protect our eyesight. To help you with that, an eye doctor has provided some tips for maintaining eye health.

  • Eat healthy foods that supply nutrients dedicated to the eyes.
  • Do regular exercises to improve blood circulation and oxygen levels in the eyes.
  • Get sufficient hours of sleep.
  • Limit hand contact on your eyes. Wash your hands properly.
  • Protect your eyes from sun rays and during certain activities.
  • Lastly, let your eyes rest from the screen, such as computer and cellphones.

Caring for your eyes is necessary. Consider regularly visiting your eye doctor as well. You may also visit DrEdOphthalmologistmelbourne.com.au website for more info.

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