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Treatment Using Tummy Tuck For Stretch Marks

Treatments for women do not just involve their teeth and gum fix. Some of them are also interested in improving their aesthetic appearance in their bodies. Most women suffer from the horrors of seeing lines around or near their tummies. A woman’s fear of not wearing their favorite swimsuit or dress is common especially if they just had their babies. The desire to get their perfect tummy look for that bikini line is not a dream in the clouds. Some people on the other hand naturally need the tummy tuck for stretch marks due to health conditions. Treatments for scars and stretch lines are also solvable using topical ointments, lotions, and natural ingredients. In addition, some cosmetic companies are also producing their own lines of makeup for the body that will help hide these lines. These are less expensive options if ever you desire to have your beautiful body back.

Why Do People Get Stretch Marks?

Just like our gums that are sensitive, we need to take care of our physical selves in order to maintain our overall wellness. Our bodies are really fragile and need lots of TLC to keep us going. Rippled streaks or lines come from our skin due to stretching from our day to day activities. Most lines may have different colors, ranging from red to purple. Don’t be afraid to show off your lines and love your bodies. However, we also understand why women will prefer getting them treated. Thanks to the latest development in laser surgery, tummy tucks, just like some dental services, are easier and painless.


Women who had their child are one of the most common reasons to get tummy tucks for stretch marks. A woman may feel that these stretch marks are a victory for their childbirth but others desire to get these marks gone. Whatever the reason is, tummy tucks are beneficial to hide not just the stretch marks but also other effects of giving birth after pregnancy.

Rapid Weight Gain Or Loss

Both men and women are possible to get stretch marks after their goals for their weight. As a sign of the skin stretching or sagging from the rapid body changes, people may see streaks of purple, red or colorless lines. Most people often use creams or lotions as these lines are not really that big. However, some people may ask for a better solution especially if their size change has a huge impact.

Adrenal Gland Disorders

There are also people suffering from health conditions that make their body change and allows a show of stretch marks. Some of these conditions are Marfan’s syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and Cushing’s syndrome. For these conditions, the stress hormones, also known as cortisol, reproduce in the adrenal glands. These make the elastic fibers weak in the skin and fades into glossy, white appearance. It is due to the transparent fat underneath the skin and makes it visible instead of the blood vessels that a person has.

Tummy Tuck Benefits For Stretch MarksTreatment Using Tummy Tuck For Stretch Marks

Doing tummy tucks for stretch marks is wonderful but not the absolute treatment a person needs to do. It is a surgical procedure that eliminates excess fat and skin by removing it. The skin is tightened afterward and is in a way being tucked from being seen physically. The process may undergo weeks or months depending on the extremity of the problem. Inevitably, there are certain cases that a tummy tuck cannot fix and so, ask your doctor beforehand for the diagnosis and the examination of your problem.

Recovery After Tummy Tuck

Patients are usually in the outpatient category for this type of surgery. Exercise is appropriate after 3-4 weeks. Certain risks may be a problem if the patient wasn’t able to follow the instructions of the doctor especially when it comes to recovery. The right diet and movement will help the patient recover fully. As it is a major concern, the tummy tuck requires anesthesia from both in and out recovery period. The results are in less than a year only if the body is able to recover fully.



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