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Tummy tuck vs abdominoplasty: What is the difference?

tummy tuck vs abdominoplasty

Many patients who want to lose that stubborn flab in the abdominal area. Many would search for “tummy tuck vs abdominoplasty”. This article is here to enlighten about this type of surgery, and if there is a difference. Please read more about abdominoplasty surgeries here [www.drtummytuckmelbourne.com.au/abdominoplasty-and-lipectomy] readers can find out about tummy surgery.

Tummy tuck vs abdominoplasty?

Many people do not realize that these are the same. These are two terms that would refer to the same cosmetic procedure. This type of cosmetic operation is designed to take away the loose skin that is in the abdominal area as well as tighten the remaining skin and muscles to give the person a thinner appearance. 

Patients are promised a flatter abdomen after all the excess skin is removed. As people get older, the skin in their abdomens would begin to become loose and saggy. This would especially be true for women who have had children. Many experts say that a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty would be the only way for a person to “get back into shape”, as it is almost impossible for people to tighten the skin back up again without the intervention of surgery.

Are there any risks?

All types of surgeries have their share of risks. Although most of the operations go well, patients are still warned of some risks that would accompany the procedure.

Unsatisfactory results. The most common risk that may come out is that you may not be satisfied with the final results of the surgery.

Poor healing of the wound. You may be prescribed some antibiotics to prevent any infections from forming on the surgical site. However, in some cases, the wound may not heal well and would have a risk of separating. 

Damage to surrounding tissues. The tissues surrounding the surgery may be damaged and could even die. If the patient is a smoker, it could increase this risk.

Skin sensation changes. There is a chance that the skin sensation on and around the surgical line will change. It is normal to feel numbness until a few months after the procedure.

What you can do if you are considering this type of surgery

If you are considering this type of surgery for yourself, talk to your doctor. They will be able to inform you about all the risks and also if the procedure is right for you. If your doctor decides that the surgery is not right for you, and may cause more harm than good, they may suggest other ways of dealing with unwanted fat in the belly area. 

If your doctor does give the go signal and says you can benefit from this surgery, follow their directions to the letter and you will be able to come out from the experience with a positive experience. If you have any qualms about the procedure, talk to your doctor about them, they will be happy to explain anything you do not understand and make you feel more confident about the surgery and what it aims to do. 

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