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The importance of a 24/7 emergency dentist

24/7 emergency dentist

Ever experienced feeling a toothache during dinner or stabbing mouth pain that won’t let you sleep at night? Or have you been involved in an altercation or fight that made someone hit in the face and injured your mouth? These instances would warrant you to go and visit your dentist. But what if they are unavailable? Your next move would be to rush to the emergency department of the nearest hospital so a doctor can check your condition, even if they are not really qualified to do so. This is where a 24/7 emergency dentist comes in handy. Let us find out more about what a 24/7 emergency dentist can do for us and their importance in maintaining our overall dental health.

What is a dental emergency?

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Dental emergencies are conditions or situations affecting the mouth, teeth, gums, and other surrounding structures that need immediate solutions or treatments. We are all aware of what conditions are considered medical emergencies like heart attack, loss of consciousness, gunshot wound, and other life-threatening situations. So it is but fair that we become knowledgeable of the different dental emergency cases that we can encounter so we know which instances need urgent care or not. They may not be as life-threatening as medical emergencies would be, but the health and safety of your teeth and mouth may depend on the sense of urgency that you may develop if you understand the following conditions.

Types of dental emergencies


It is a safe rule that all toothaches should be considered as a dental emergency, since the severity of a dental problem may not follow the mildness or harshness of the elicited pain.

Fractured tooth

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth that would reach the pulp or tooth roots, this is considered an emergency that the dentist should see so he can perform procedures to salvage the tooth.

Knocked out tooth

This is another emergency that only a dentist, a 24/7 emergency dentist, for instance, can safely perform. Time is of the essence when you accidentally uprooted a tooth since the possibility of the nerves and blood vessels to accept the removed tooth (and even the life of the knocked-out tooth itself) can expire or run out in just mere hours.

Gum or oral infection

Abscesses in the gums may clearly indicate infection, as the white blood cells defend the body from the bacteria brought about by cavities and plaque buildup. This infection should be treated as soon as possible because if this reaches the bloodstream from the blood vessels located in the pulp of the teeth, a systemic infection may follow and severe complications would be harder to resolve.

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The importance of a 24/7 emergency dentist

If you face any of these dental problems after clinic hours, knowing a 24/7 emergency dentist is available to see you is, indeed, a great relief in itself. This dental professional is trained to perform emergency dental procedures and first aid to alleviate any dental issue you may have while your regular dentist is out. Their services do not replace the need for you to have a family dentist, instead, their presence complements your regular dentist’s treatment plan so much so that the continuity of care is ensured.



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