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Average dental implant cost: All you need to know

average dental implant cost

If you are reading this article, it may be because you may have lost one or more of your teeth and were recommended to have dental implants. You are researching online about what dental implants are, how does the surgery look like, and the average dental implant cost you need to anticipate and prepare for. Well, we hope to give you an idea about all these things about dental implant surgery, and more. You can also check out other websites and articles about dental implant surgery for the price comparison.


Dental implants: What are these for?

If you are in need of a replacement for your missing tooth, your dentist may recommend dental implants as one of the options you can consider. In fact, most dentists consider dental implants as the gold standard in all missing teeth replacement procedures. They are permanent, stable, and the most natural-looking among all restorative dental procedures available in the market right now.

A dental implant is composed of a strong metal post that serves as the tooth root that attaches to the jawbone through surgery. The end part of the post is linked to a material called an abutment where the false teeth or crown is connected.

Benefits of having dental implants

It is permanent. Dentures and bridges are missing teeth replacement

options that can be removed, so they have the tendency to make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious when speaking in front of many people or audiences. Dental implants are sturdy as they are surgically attached to your bone the same way your natural teeth are, making them function like your own teeth and not as a restorative appliance only.

dental implant

It is self-supporting. Dental implants do not need to be linked to other neighboring healthy teeth just to be stable, the way dentures, crowns, and bridges would. They have their own post holding the crown firmly and permanently without causing any damage to the adjacent teeth, making them ideal in maintaining your overall dental health and appearance.

It is natural-looking. Because they are attached almost the same way as your own healthy teeth, they are also expected to look, feel, and function like your natural ones. No interruptions with how you eat, smile, and speak should be experienced when using dental implants.


How much would an average dental implant cost?

To answer this question, you must know that a lot of factors affect the cost of dental implants. There are so many kinds and types of dental implants that are now being marketed all over the world. To make sure that what your dentist is using is of high-quality, do not hesitate to ask him what brand of dental implant he is using and research it online. Sometimes, dentists who offer lower-priced dental implant surgery may be cutting corners when it comes to the quality of their materials.

Other factors that may affect the average dental implant cost maybe the expertise of the dentist or prosthodontist, the location where you will undergo the procedure, and the amount that your dental insurance may or may not cover. For single dental implants, you can expect that the cost will range from $3000 to $5000. However, if you lost almost all your teeth and you would opt to have the all-on-4 dental implants, anticipate that the procedure will have a whopping price tag of around $25000 to $100000, especially if it involves a full mouth reconstructive surgery.


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