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Benefits Of Dentures: How Dental Restorations Revamp Your Looks

senior holding sample of dentures

Dentures are used by dentists to restore your smile and reinstate your lost smile. Its main objective is not just to replace your missing teeth but also to improve your aesthetics. Wearing dentures can help you be more confident about your looks. Some of the benefits of dentures also include improved dental health, reinstate the functions of the lost tooth, and prevents misalignment. Read more at https://customdentureclinic.com/emergency-denture-repair-sunshine-coast for more interesting facts about dentures.


Who Needs Dentures

Technically, anyone who has trouble speaking, chewing, biting, and have missing teeth can be a candidate for dentures. If you have healthy teeth and you want to improve the overall appearance of your smile, you may also opt for dentures.

People lose teeth due to decay caused by bacteria. The main cause of tooth decay is commonly poor oral hygiene. You have an option to have dentures, however, not getting one could affect your remaining teeth and cause misalignment and issues with your dental health.


Benefits Of Dentures

Dentures are restorative solutions for missing teeth. Apart from the purpose of reinstating the use of the missing teeth, they also provide several benefits such as:

  • Dentures are easy to clean. Dentures are removable, which makes it easier for you to clean them. You will not have to worry about your oral hygiene because you can also clean them as you brush your teeth as part of your oral care regimen.
  • man eating an appleDentures restore your ability to chew and eat properly.
  • Improves your smile. Losing a tooth can significantly affect the look of your smile. That gap where the lost tooth used to sit is often noticeable. This typically caused you to be self-conscious, as a result, you smile less than you used to. By wearing dentures, the appearance of your smile will look better.
  • They are customized. The great thing about dentures is that they are personally designed and measured according to your dental structure. Because of this, you will most likely not feel any discomfort while you are wearing them.
  • They prevent future dental health problems. As mentioned, not getting dentures to replace your missing teeth could affect your healthy teeth. Things such as misalignment, bacterial infection, and gum disease could occur if you have a wide gap between your teeth.
  • They can replace 1 or more missing teeth. As a matter of fact, dentures can replace all of your teeth. You can get one denture for a missing tooth or you can get more depending on your dental situation.
  • They provide support for healthy teeth. Each of our teeth plays an essential role in maintaining our dental health. To keep your teeth healthy, be sure to get dentures to support your remaining natural teeth.


Cons Of Getting Dentures

Dental Excellence serving patients in Woden & Canberra advises that while dentures pose many great benefits and advantages, poor application and certain factors could result in disadvantages like the following:

  1. Dentures need to be replaced. There is a tendency for them to wear down where they will no longer fit your mouth perfectly. This could be an issue for anyone who is aiming for a permanent solution without too much maintenance.
  2. Several procedures need to be done before the application of the dentures. In some cases, the procedures are invasive and costly. These procedures are recommended to guarantee the success of the restoration.
  3. Due to human errors, inaccurate measurements could happen. This often results in dentures that don’t fit right. In cases like this, the dentures might fall off accidentally or the wearer might have difficulty removing them.
  4. Dentures do not look as natural as dental implants. Even though crowns and dentures are both made of resin-composite, there is still a distinct difference between the two, making dentures look less natural.

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