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Discovering What Are Respiratory Viruses And Flu (Are Flu Shots Safe?)

Discovering What Are Respiratory Viruses And Flu Are Flu Shots Safe

The recent 2019 nCoV (novel Corona Virus) outbreak garnered a lot of attention since it is a respiratory virus that came from a zoonotic source. Knowing that it is from animals poses a lot of questions again since the virus origin had many fatalities. Unfortunately, endangered and illicit trading of animals has always been a part of the respiratory viruses that we have today. However, the spread of diseases is usually due to the illness being airborne, or it easily transmits to others. What are the common misconceptions about the flu? If you want to know more about the truth behind viruses and are flu shots safe, then read more here. 

How Is Flu Different From Cold?

Since way back then, many people have misconceptions about the issue of flu and cold. Both these respiratory viruses share the same symptoms. Headaches, runny or clogged nose, and cough with a sore throat are one of the few signs of this illness. Having a cold is common, but having flu is ultimately another issue. Influenza is a seasonal respiratory virus that is found on people with allergies, weak immune system, and susceptibility to infections. On the other hand, flu viruses are evolving due to many bad habits of people. Some of them are sharing cups and utensils while on flu. One significant difference between the flu and cold is the high fever that comes along.   

The Truth With Having Influenza

People may think that flu is already a common illness. Sadly, this is a misconception but a slap of reality to many individuals today. Flu has always been changing from its sources and its types. Most scientists say that the history of Influenza originates from diseases in animals that spread to humans. Unlike today, people are highly exposed to animals with health problems due to the limit of technology and protective equipment. Furthermore, many viruses may come from different strains. One virus may show a symptom of pneumonia or meningitis, but not that of an influenza virus. Thus, it is best to discover the types of flu and similar respiratory illnesses to discuss what causes these health concerns. 

What Are The Types Of Flu And Similar Viruses?

Various diseases can infect and spread in a person’s body and to others. Detailing through these issues can iron out confusion among the people. Categorizing Influenza is through the alphabet and numbers. Subtypes and strains are classified by proteins (H and N). Moreover, you may want to see what are these several viruses that plague both animals and humans. How do these viruses start? What makes them contagious? Find out more about respiratory viruses on this list. 

Influenza A, B, C, D

Are Flu Shots Safe Detect SymptomsThere are many strains of Flu (Influenza) that may affect a person’s health. First of all, Influenza A is common to both humans and animals. Influenza A also causes the most severe cases of flu, even today. This type of strain causes pandemics and can evolve into other mutations. Among which are AH1N1 pdm09 (pandemic of 2009), AH3N2. For Influenza B, most are in humans and only causes epidemic or minor outbreaks. Influenza C and D are milder forms of Influenza that also have minimal effects. C is common for infants, elderly, and compromised immune symptoms. While for D, it is mostly found in swine or cattle. 

H1N1 Bird And Swine Flu

This type of strain is one of the severe cases of Influenza A mutation. H1N1 Bird and Swine Flu are both pandemic outbreaks. Humans can be susceptible to any zoonotic influenza viruses (avian, swine, etc.). Most that had H1N1 virus showed symptoms of respiratory tract infection, difficulty in breathing, bleeding in the gums, abdominal pain, and more. An estimated 60.8 million cases were evident 151,700-575,400 died from the virus. 


SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is another form of coronavirus that can be associated with the nCOV issue today. It is an outbreak that also originated in China. It is also one of the earliest identified for the past two decades (2000-2020) since it started in 2003. Another zoonotic disease was suspected from bats, endangered animals, and exotic animal trading. It is believed that SARS was the highest death toll for a coronavirus strain until the late nCoV 2019.

Novel Corona Virus (nCoV 2019)

Many medical experts mention nCoV 2019 as one of the worst cases of coronavirus up to date. Its death toll surpassed the SARS coronavirus and even going up. The issue of having nCoV mutation is also alarming since many are spreading not just from bats, snakes, or pigs. It also shows the alarming exotic animal trade problem that is still an underlying issue today. For a person to combat viruses and Influenza, it is important always to wash hands and do daily hygiene. Having a proper bath and dental cleaning will surely enhance your protection from the seasonal flu.

Symptoms of Flu

As mentioned previously, cold and flu have similar symptoms. However, the ones listed here may last up to two to three weeks. Consult yourAre Flu Shots Safe doctor if you have taken medicine and still see no signs of feeling better. You can try asking your OB-GYN, “are flu shots safe?” if you are a pregnant woman. 

  • Sore Throat
  • Headaches
  • Clogged Or Runny Nose
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach problems (diarrhea)
  • Nausea And Vomiting
  • Dizziness

Are Flu Shots Safe And Important For The Body?

Throughout the years, many medical and scientific breakthroughs in combating diseases are developing. Are flu shots safe? Of course, as it is one of the most proven preventive ways of avoiding health complications. Flu vaccines are essential as they fight the bacteria that create the viruses themselves. How does a flu vaccine do this? A flu shot contains antibodies fighting off the infection in the body. Every season, the composition of flu vaccines varies according to the type of strain spreading. Hence, you should know that there are many types of flu vaccines out there. If you haven’t got a flu shot yet, you must visit a medical clinic or hospital as soon as you can. Flu season will start anytime soon, and you want to avoid getting unnecessary respiratory viruses.

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