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Physical Fitness: Finding the Difference Between Physical Activity and Exercise

difference between physical activity and exercise

Are you planning on getting started and want to increase the level of your physical fitness? If you are interested in curating your healthcare plan, one of the essential aspects of doing so is to differentiate and understand several topics before you begin to take the plunge, change, or stop any part of your current routine. Being knowledgeable of some health-related information such as physical activity and exercise helps achieve an overall improvement.

If you want to get the benefits of outdoor exercise in the comfort of your home, you can try an elliptical machine. This equipment is highly recommended by experts and is also an enjoyable activity.

Improving your physical fitness can be challenging- especially to those who find the idea of performing exercises a bit overwhelming. However, it is also important to note that doing exercises is not the only way to reach overall fitness. Physical activity may not be an exercise, but it definitely brings equal benefits to your health.

In this article, we will discuss the key differences between physical activity and exercise. We will focus on various aspects such as intensity, muscular strength, and the level of physical fitness that each provides.


Physical Activity and Exercise: An Overview

importance difference between physical activity and exerciseAs it is directly defined, physical activity is a series of movements that encourage your muscles to be at work. All activities as long as it engages your muscles to contract are considered physical activity. These movements promote burning calories as compared to remaining sedentary or at rest. Several chores, such as gardening, walking, housework, climbing stairs, or simply moving, are physical activity examples.

On the other hand, exercise is known as a more specific category of physical activity. It is often repetitive, planned, and done on purpose- which is to acquire physical fitness. The intention to gain more benefits towards your overall health is the main reason why one performs exercises. You bring your body to a higher level of fitness when you perform activities such as working out, running a mile, cycling, playing, or doing sports.


Physical Activity and Exercise: Key Importance

When we talk about physical activities, it involves a combination of light and moderate intensities. However, we should also be aware that more strenuous activities can bring you certain health benefits, such as when it comes to cardiovascular fitness. Running, jogging, and engaging your core can help bring a far greater improvement towards your cardio levels than brisk walking or running at a leisurely pace. Check this page for your running equipment.

If you want to increase your physical fitness, you should focus more on power and the extremity of your movements. The type of physical activity you perform does not matter. You keep in mind to utilize your muscular strength and exert enough effort for a considerable duration. This is the reason why an exercise is also equally important. Exercise can help you focus on your target and reach an advisable intensity to benefit your overall fitness.


Physical Activity and Exercise: Level of Intensity

The amount of energy and muscular strength you expend is the most important aspect of achieving full-body fitness. However, most of you might be wondering, how would one be able to gauge intensity?

intensity difference between physical activity and exerciseIt is necessary to maintain an acceptable level of intensity to avoid overexertion. To identify from a range of light, moderate, and vigorous activities, you should take a look at how your body responds to it. If you can still manage to talk while you do your activity, it means that you’re on a light to moderate intensity. If you feel like you are losing your breath, your movements might be too vigorous for you. At this moment, you might want to consider slowing down a bit.


Physical Activity and Exercise: Focusing on the Components

If you want to achieve overall fitness, your exercise routine must be well-designed following these important components:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Muscle Strength
  • Flexibility

Combining these factors increases your body’s ability to participate in a higher level of physical activities and exercise routines, thus increasing your overall physical fitness. You may check pilatesmachine.com.au to see how you can benefit from Pilates. Outdoor exercises such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling, and many more are done to ensure that these components remain engaged. You can also improve your cardio-respiratory endurance indoors or at your home gym. With the help of various exercise equipment, you can imitate outdoor activities and achieve similar results.

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