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Is There Any Benefit In Running A Mile A Day?

man running a mile a day

Running a mile a day is your key to a healthy and active body. There are many ways you can achieve this, whether by running outdoors in the park or even inside your gated community or you can opt to use indoor running equipment such as the treadmill brand like Proform. Keeping the habit of accelerating your heartbeat and surging the blood throughout your body will give you priceless health benefits.


So why do you have to run a mile every day?

Getting your body busy by running is probably one of the oldest forms of exercise aside from walking. It is a natural body movement that quickly accelerates our heart and surges the blood all throughout our body. As it is known, running is a cardio exercise that everybody is encouraged to do because of its health benefits.

Running a mile a day would significantly boost your body’s cardiovascular. This just does not mean that your heart can endure more rigorous work and that you don’t get tired quickly. Enhancing your cardio by running would improve your body’s ability to efficiently deliver oxygen, nutrients, and energy. These are essential for you to properly do your daily activities and support your weight loss training.

woman on a treadmillThe other rundown benefits of running a mile a day is a reduced risk of any cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke, lower risk of developing cancer and neuro diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. You would even gain the benefit of having a restful sleep when you practice running a mile every day. Your mood and concentration ability are also much improved when you get your limbs working to their limits.


Is running a mile a day safe?

Running every day might be a health risk if you don’t have the right equipment and disregard your own limitations.

Your only equipment when running is a pair of appropriate running shoes. Now, you might ask. What is the best type of running shoes to use? Well, the best running shoes should perfectly cushion your feet and give you the best control of your landing and traction. Every foot has its own unique features and needs, so there would be no such thing as one size fits all in choosing the right running shoes for you.

Understanding how your body works and how much you can do is vital to any exercise or workout. Since cardio workouts like running is a very taxing activity, you might need to pace yourself a little when starting your running a mile a day journey. Don’t be too impatient. Take baby steps, and you’ll get there. You can start by walking for a mile, then progress to faster strides, and then begin to run a mile after a few weeks of warming up your limbs, heart, and lungs. Keep track of your performance with this equipment.

If you have underlying conditions that would prohibit you from running a mile every day, you can schedule a thrice per week running session. The recommended average running or walking time per week is 2.5hours. So if you want to continually progress in your cardio, you would need to set aside a couple and a half hours per week to get yourself healthy and happy.


Can running a mile a day help in weight loss?

Yes! You can definitely expect to lose some of your excess mass when you make a habit of running a mile a day. Running helps in speeding up your metabolism, using your energy in the form of carbohydrates at a faster rate. When running, the body needs so much energy that your stored carbs and fats are also used up to maintain the activity.

Running is one of the healthy ways of achieving your weight loss goal. It is not uncommon that most people do the weight loss training by just cutting the carbs and sugar that are undoubtedly still needed by your body to operate. That is not the right way of realizing that weight loss dream. You still have to eat and give yourself the required nutrients, vitamins, and energy to survive. Maintaining a regular running workout is one way of achieving this sometimes elusive ambition.


Can I also run indoors?

running a mile a day on an elliptical

Of course, you can always exercise indoors. Indoor running is possible with the help of home cardio equipment. Treadmills are the closest exercise machine that is comparable to running in the park. A treadmill can replicate the uphill and downhill terrain of the natural track outdoors and would even give you so many features and information to guide you in progressing through your daily dose of running mileage.


Running a mile a day is almost your gateway to a healthier, happier, and sound you. You should encourage yourself to get that butt off your office chair and get your limbs and body energized. Running isn’t just a fad but a necessity to our growing inactivity due to the 9 to 5 grinding that we have been dragged into doing for centuries. Running a mile a day would definitely boost your health, not just physically but would also have positive effects on our mental and psychological state. The benefits of running will not only affect your state of health now but would give you a chance to a still active body when the years have come upon you. So get your body working and start running a mile a day using equipment from https://www.homegymaustralia.com.au/.

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