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Importance of doctors who make home visits

doctors who make home visits

We may have seen it in old films where the people with higher stature and are part of the high social classes would have doctors attending to them at home. Armed with their black tall hat and their black bags, doctors visit the mansions and villas of the elite so that their medical concerns can be treated and managed in the comfort of their homes. This practice died down when development of technological machines and tests became widespread that people needed to visit hospitals so they can be better assessed, but now that patient traffic in hospitals are increasing and disrupting the quality of care that must be given to those who badly need it, doctors who make home visits are making a comeback. The usual home visiting doctor’s agency is built with the team of practitioners making themselves available anytime a patient needs urgent care without needing to go to the hospital.


Who needs doctors who make home visits

According to different home doctors’ services, the most common patients they attend to are the elderly in hospices, retirement homes, and homes for the aged. These establishments care for the elderly whose relatives are too busy to stay with them and attend to their needs, so caregivers and health aides help their residents have a normal life away from home. Doctors are being called to these institutions to look after the medical condition of the retirees or elderly and make sure that their overall health and comfort are maintained.

Moreover, anyone who needs to have urgent medical attention can access the services of doctors who make home visits. As long as their conditions are not life-threatening, they can all a house doctor so they wouldn’t have to be bothered by commuting to the nearest hospital.


Importance of home doctors

home doctor visits

Benefits of getting house call visits affect not just the patients but also the doctors in the medical field. Here are some of the advantages of having doctors who make home visits.


It is convenient. Imagine feeling sickly but you have to travel a distance to the nearest hospital, only to find out that you would have to wait long hours before a doctor attends to you. Having the services of doctors who make home visits makes it convenient and hassle-free for you to get checked by a professional even if your condition is life-threatening.


It saves time and money. Unnecessary hospital visits tend to spend money not only by the patient to get checked, but for the hospital itself. Utilities and medical expenses increase when patients need increase as well, and knowing that some emergency department patients are non-emergency makes unnecessary use of hospital facilities which would cost them a lot in return.


It regulates patient traffic in hospitals. Visit a random hospital’s emergency room and you can observe how congested it is with patients. This area of the hospital should prioritize emergency cases, but because even non-life-threatening cases of patients are being presented to them, the quality of care and the energy of the doctors are spent differently and uselessly at times. House call doctors help them regulate the patient population in hospitals so they can come back to prioritizing and focusing on medical emergency needs of the patients.


It ensures continuity of care. Doctors who make home visits make a complete report of your consultation after their visit and sends it to your primary care physician or PCP. This makes your family doctor of PCP kept in the loop of your current condition so that he can accurately observe and assess your overall health the next time you visit him.


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