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Patient Comments

“Being just a phone call away and knowing there is someone ‘in my corner’”

“I had the best visit with my doctor when the nurse came with me.”

“I lost 20 pounds and lowered my blood pressure working with the Priority Care nurse and dietician.”

“My nurse helped me navigate the health care system so that I could see the right doctor for my condition.”

“I was able to see my doctor today not in 2 weeks.”

“I couldn’t have made it through this health challenge without my nurse; she is awesome.”

“Having the wonderful opportunity to have a personal nurse to touch base with once a month {or whenever I need to} is a major blessing!! This is a wonderful program and I am thankful to have been chosen to participate in it.”

“They (Priority Care nurses) are there to help you problem solve, give you things to try… The ER just gives you a pain pill and tells you to call your doctor on Monday.”